Who is MasterClass Compliance®

MasterClass Compliance® is the Reg&CompTech wing of Avas Union (UK) Ltd. built with an aim to help our clients become compliant with AML regulations and safeguard themselves against Criminals, Terrorists and Money Launderers. We are the next generation of Compliance Professionals Delivering Compliance with HiTech performance.

Why MasterClass Compliance®

The world is becoming much more digitised in every second and we are always depending on the critical information that is shared in the data superhighway, namely Internet. It is becoming practically obvious that offenders of various crimes would invent new methods and try to take the advantage of the set system to conduct their illegal businesses. Their methods are becoming stronger every minute and overthrowing both geographical borders and moral boundaries.

Taken collectively Global money laundering transactions are estimated at 2 to 5% of global GDP, which is estimated between$1-2 trillion annually. With the rising visibility of terrorist attacks, money laundering and terrorist financing are escalating as priority issues for governments across the globe. Over the last few years, more than a dozen global financial institutions have been assessed fines in the hundreds of millions to billions of dollars for money laundering and/or sanctions violations.

But it’s not just financial services institutions. Any organisation that facilitates financial transactions – including non-bank money service businesses such as digital/mobile payment services, life insurers and retailers have already supervised by the scope of anti-money laundering (AML) regulators worldwide.

For all the Financial Organisations, AML & CTF is the primary factor to safeguard their own organisations and in a broader sense, it is down to the Compliance department to ensure that by controlling the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing they are saving their country's whole economy.

However, as AML breaches taking place around the globe, MasterClassCompliance® has come up with new but effective AML datasets, offering focused solutions to Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing threats and problems. 

MasterClass Compliance® has partnered with world-leading AML Data miners, Regulators and RegTech firms, providing a global database on AML risk exposures and transaction monitoring covering sanctions, watch lists, Political Exposed Persons and adverse media. MasterClass Compliance® does not want its client to be penalised by the regulators or be imposed with enforcement actions and large-scale penalties resulting from compliance failures.

MasterClass Compliance® guarantees to relieve you from frustration and risk that are closely entangled with every transaction.

Data Secrecy and Privacy

We value our commitment to keep very data safe. The data we collect from our service providers are always kept in an encrypted manner and delivered to you after passing through our extensive encryption model. Our company is registered with ICO (Information Commissioner Office, UK). Our expert IT team is working 24/7 to keep our database safe and secure from any potential threats. We do not share any of our clients’ information with the third party. The regulators and law enforcement agencies are always requested to provide us with proper identification before we share any client information.

MasterClassCompliance® gurantees to relieve you from frustration and risk that are closely entangled with every transaction.


Well, lots of services, that include...

Our Solution

It is a common fact that you do business not only in your local territory but also around the world. It is not possible for you to check your counter party by giving them a physical presence.


In today’s time the regulators and governments are putting pressure on every financial institute not to get in relation with any individual or entity that has fallen under sanctions.

Enhanced Services

Our compliance consultants can help you to develop and supervise compliance and risk management systems and processes within your compliance platform and across the business.

Who We Work With

We are working closely with banking sectors Locally and Internationally. Banks are in dire need of performing KYC/KCB and AML checks to on-board clients.