Avas Union Kiosk Services are HIGH TECH and USER FRIENDLY.


    Comfortable and intuitive visual features and functionality.

    The Kiosks have multitasking features that allow you to do many things from one place

    The Kiosks can receive your utility bills and can dispense even SIM Card when you need them.

Our Future Services with KIOSK Technology

Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments are easy at Avas Union Kiosk. The Kiosks enable you to accept payments from your Credit Card Customers 24/7. The customers can simply visit any of the kiosks at your serviced locations and pay the credit card balance through the self-service kiosks.

Utility Bill

Now, No More Waiting in the queue. Your customers just use the kiosk to pay their utility bills at self-serving kiosk and experience comfort and zero stress.

Phone Products

Time is essence. We understand the importance of mobile communication in your daily life. That’s why Avas Union Kiosks are equipped to provide your customers with a host of mobile phone products and facilities.

SIM Cards

The kiosk can dispense SIM cards to the buyer. The service can be customised to comply with local laws and regulations.

Mobile Top-ups

Your customers can use the Mobile top-up solution. Anyone can top up value on the mobile for themselves and their loved ones. This service covers all the major mobile network providers of the country that you partner with.

Travel Ticket Purchase

Customers can buy Travel tickets from these kiosks from any of the major travel service providers like, Bus services, Local Air Tickets and Rail Tickets etc.