Founded in 2014 Avas Union aspires to provide Regulatory Technology based solutions, Worldwide Online and Mobile Money Remittance service provider in the United Kingdom. By partnering with us, we will help you in achieving your vision to provide quality financial services. One of our other core business services is to provide world-class AML screening & Compliance solutions to Financial Institutions, Small & Medium Enterprises and Exporters & Importers. Our product MasterClass Compliance® is a unique tool that helps compliance professionals to be vigilant against Sanctions, PEPs etc. and to comply with companies regulatory policies and procedures. Representing ourselves in this business as a pioneering, dynamic and diversified worldwide financial service consultant, Avas Union has the customer delight in focus at all times. Customer first is always our values and leading principle to improve and sustain successful standards to customers from varied paths of life. Our aim is to provide 100% professional service leaving customers satisfied and smiling. The trust bestowed on us would always earn us the reputation of being a secure, reliable and customer-oriented service provider. Investments in technology, training, and manpower have resulted in transforming our business house to a leading financial consultancy providing wide variety of new generation financial consultancy servcies. Legal compliances and the best auditing systems with experienced and committed manpower are the keys to the delivered values and satisfaction to our customers.


To grow our services with new and exciting product lines. To be the most successful automated RegTech AI solution, Worldwide Online & Mobile Money Remittance & Currency Exchange Service provider in UK, Europe and Worldwide added with providing a real-time and accurate AML information and data to compliance experts to protect your businesses worldwide.


Avas Union has launched new technology in the financial environment by introducing hassle-free, compact, innovative, made to order Kiosk that enhances the efficiency of the customer experience from best to delight. These kiosks have enabled easier process for company employees at the counters, the uniqueness in our approach to enable least human intervention and a 24 X 7 service at the stand-alone ATM lookalike machines that enable our customers to perform their transaction with utmost secure and reliable channels in place. From client identification to authorization, currency checking to rendering the foreign notes in and out of kiosks, from receipts to individual pay-in slips, its all integrated into this Standalone machine which even has the provision of coin hoppers.


To be the preferred Financial Service Consultant for the industry providing services in currency exchange and mobile money wallet.


We'll do everything we can to make a wonderful business relationship!